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Reverend Richard J. Colonna

Life Is Meant To Be Celebrated


About Me


As a leading provider of Ministry Services I take pride in meeting your needs and the needs of your family and friends.

I am an ordained, licensed interfaith non-denominational minister who goes beyond traditional limits to help you create the most unique, loving, and personalized service you have ever wanted or dreamed of.

Your wedding ceremony, civil union or commitment exchange, is the cornerstone of your marriage, and it should reflect who you are, your unique relationship, and include those you love. Whether your guest list includes 2 people, or 200, your ceremony should be as unique as your relationship, and your officiant should be fun and flexible. 

If your service involves a baptism or a blessing of a renewed life, I commit to making it a memorable event. If you've suffered the loss of a friend or loved one, allow me to bring comfort to your heavy heart and help you celebrate their life. Whatever the need is, please honor me with the opportunity to make it a special experience.  

On a personal note, I love to ski, my family means a great deal to me and whenever I am gardening or landscaping, I feel as though I am one with nature. Though I've spent 26 years in telecommunications, during that time I also enjoyed performing in theater. In fact I still do.  I thoroughly enjoy taking on unique and challenging roles in theater productions.  Maybe that's why uniting couples brings me so much joy, every event is differrent, special and never the same. Overall, people say I am a fun person to be around and the couples I work with appreciate the effort I put forth making their special day a beautiful and memorable experience.